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Patient Information


What to bring to your first visit

  • Drivers License
  • Insurance Card (List of our current insurance contracts)
  • Urgent care/emergency room visit information if applicable
  • Referral for second opinion (if applicable)
  • Available radiographic studies such X-rays, MRI, CT, & bone scans
  • Comfortable clothing such as shorts and running shoes for leg injuries
  • Any pertinent orthopedic medical equipment such as casts, boots, slings
  • To save time, download New Patient Intake Forms [PDF] and fill them out in advance.

Patient Information online

Access your chart and doctor/nurse messages online.
You will need to enter your ID and password. If you do not have one or have forgotten it, please contact the office.

Request for records

Download Request for Records Form [PDF]

Please be advise that there may be administrative fees associated with your request for records.

Miscellaneous fee schedule

No-show/same day cancellation: $25.00
Please call at least 24 hours ahead to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Forms/letters: $25.00
When requested outside the context of an office visit.

  • School/camp/sports physical forms
  • Immunization forms
  • Excuses for work/school
  • Activity restrictions/return to duty forms
  • Adoption forms
  • DPS forms
  • Others as may arise

Prescriptions for ADHD medications: $5.00
If picked up without an office visit. Please allow at least 48 hrs for Rx to be written.

Need more answers?

Check out our FAQ section or contact us with any further questions and/or to confirm.

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